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The 4th “Qingdao International Contemporary Art Exhibition”
It will be held in the beautiful coastal city-Qingdao this fall. The theme of the exhibition is “Sailing·Fashion”. The exhibition advocates artists’ experimentation and exploration in the field of contemporary art, and encourages the practice and application of various new materials and elements.

A. Organization:

Publicity Department of Qingdao Municipal Committee of Communist Party of China

Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Qingdao

Executive Organizer:
Contemporary Art (Mixed material Art) Committee of Qingdao Artists Association Co-

Asia Artists Association, Malaysia

B. Exhibition time: 22.10.2021 to 3.12.2021

C. Opening ceremony: 29.10.2021

D. Exhibition location:
Textile Valley 1902 Art Museum (No. 80, Siliu South Road, Shibei District, Qingdao)

E. Collection of Works:

1. Theme: Work should focus on the theme of “Sailing·Fashion”, showing the new look of urban development, leading urban fashion, enhancing the level of public appreciation, and showing the charming characteristics of contemporary art.

2. This exhibition welcomes works within the country and aboard. All contemporary artists, art educators, painters who have great passion for contemporary art are encouraged to participate.

3. Categories of collection of works:
Contemporary ink painting/oil painting, painting with comprehensive materials, installation art, etc.

4. Size requirements:
The size of the work should not exceed 150cm×150cm;

5. Instructions for submission:
Each person is limited to submit 1 to 2 pieces of works; the image format is unified as JPEG, the resolution is 300dpi, and the file size of the submitted works should not be less than 10M.
It is necessary to fill in the “Information Form of the 4th Qingdao International Contemporary Art Exhibition”, and send personal photos, electronic works of works, and information forms (see attachment) to [email protected]
Foreign artists should send the above before 10.09.2021.

Click to download application form

6. All submitted works must be the original works of the participant. It is strictly prohibited to use highly imitated and plagiarized works to participate in the exhibition.

7. Due to covid pandemic the sending and returning of works is not physically possible. Hence the organizer will adopt HD printing of the selected works for the exhibition.

F. Collection of Works:
Collection of works will start forthwith, and the deadline is 10.09.2021.

G. Selection of works
The “Qingdao International Contemporary Art Exhibition Organizing Committee” invites renowned contemporary artists to form a panel of judges to evaluate the works, and finally decide on 180 selected works. The shortlisted works will be published in “Art Qingdao”. The shortlisted participants will send the original works as required by the notice (the sending time and location will be notified in due course). Participants who are not shortlisted will not be notified.

H. Rewards for selected participants:

1. Each selected participant will be rewarded with 2 copies of the “Collection of Qingdao International Contemporary Art Exhibition” published before the opening of the exhibition by Qingdao Publishing House.

2. The organizer will present a Certificate of Exquisite Works to the selected participants.

3. The information of the selected participants will be collected into the Excellent Creative Talent Database of the Contemporary Art Committee of Qingdao Artists Association. The Contemporary Art Committee will provide the selected participants with activities such as inter-provincial and international exhibitions and promotion of exchanges of cultural materials.

I. Other matters

1. The organizer has the right to exhibit, photograph, video, publish and publicize the exhibited works.

2. The Organizing Committee of the Fourth Qingdao International Contemporary Art Exhibition’s right to interpret the terms of this document is final.

Organizing Committee of the 4th Qingdao International Contemporary Art Exhibition July 2021