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Term & Condition and Procedure to apply to become a member of AAAM :
  1. Applicant must have participated in at least two international level art exhibitions and one national level exhibition, or have won a bronze medal in an international exhibition, or those who have been selected twice and sponsored by the AAAM can only apply for membership.
  2. Upon receiving complete particulars of the applicant by the secretary general, one of the committee members shall propose, and the committee shall verify the application. Once decision is made, the committee shall inform the applicant via email. The committee shall issue a membership certificate and the membership number to the applicant after three months.
  3. Successful applicant is required to donate to AAAM a personal art work of a size not smaller than 60 cm by 60 cm, which is not required to be framed and not limited to any type of work.
  4. New members are required to pay a one-time entrance fee of RM 200 and an annual fee of RM 100. Auxiliary members need to pay a one-time fee for 5 years (including a RM 200 donation), totaling RM 700 or $150.
  5. Members who have not paid the annual donation for more than a year will have their membership temporarily suspended. Those who have not paid the fees for more than two years will be considered as having automatically resigned. Members who do not have any specific reasons for not participating in the association’s member exhibitions, not attending the annual meetings, or not joining the association’s sponsored art activities more than twice will be encouraged to resign.
Applicants are required to provide the following documents / materials:
  1. Passport-sized photograph — one copy.
  2. Resume of applicant in relation to his artist pathway.
  3. Photographs of three art pieces.
  4. Photos of relevant certificates of award or certificates of participation.
  5. Completed application form.