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AAAM Chairman- Yu Guo Qin

Yu Guo qin


Katy Guoqin Yu, graduated from university with a law degree and was former Chairman of Qingdao Art Association. She is currently Chairman of Asia Artists Association Malaysia. Yu has lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, since 2002. In 1990-1991, Katy studied at the School of Oil Painting of China Central Academy of Fine Art, majoring in portrait oil painting. Since 1993, she has won one silver medal at China’s national level exhibition and was three times selected for national level exhibitions. She has also won three silver medals, one bronze medal and one academic recognition at Shandong provincial level exhibitions. At Qingdao City level, she has won gold medal once and twice selected as top ten artists and one bronze medal. At International level exhibitions, she has won gold medal once and eleven times selected for entries. She has held one solo exhibition and published two collection albums. Many of her works have been collected by art galleries and more than 100 pieces of her works have been collected by art collectors.


油画 / 100cm x 100cm



“舞动的时光” 传达了一个永恒与瞬间的美妙平衡,让观者感受到了自然与童年的和谐。这是一幅充满温馨和深意的画作,鼓舞人心,唤起回忆,也让我们珍惜每一个美好的瞬间。