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The main objectives of Asia Artists Association include promoting academic exchanges and artistic creativity as well as fostering harmony, peace and fraternity among Asian countries. It also aims to promote development and innovation of Asian cultures and arts. It is a bridge for artists from various countries in Asia to communicate and learn from each other. It is a link for various countries and ethnic groups to enhance friendship and civilization. The Association also shoulders the responsibility to become a leading force on the mainstream platform of Asian academics and to assimilate the cultural diversity in painting styles as well as to assist in the cultural pursuits of all ethnic groups. The current chairman of the Association is Ms Katy Yu Guoqin.

At present, the Asia Artists Association has affiliates in China, China Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. More affiliates will be established in other Asian countries in stages.

Committee Member

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Cheng Mong Hee
Cheng Mong Hee
AAAM Vice Chairman
Cheng Mong Hee
Cheng Mong Hee
AAAM Vice Chairman

art Advisor

Head of AAAM Affiliate

Interaction Guidelines and Agreement between Asian Artists Association Malaysia and its affiliates:
  1. The Asian Artists Association and its affiliates are not legally bound as each country has regulations governing association activities, and Malaysia’s association laws do not extend to other countries.
  2. Therefore, the relationship between Asian Artists Association and its affiliates is built on friendship and artistic connections without direct legal responsibilities.
  3. Due to differing backgrounds and national conditions, requirements, and objectives for activities of each affiliate may vary.
  4. Nonetheless, a common factor among all is the passion and dedication to art, working together towards a common goal of promoting and advocating for art.
  5. On our side in Malaysia, we encourage all affiliates to actively participate in the various activities that we promote, and we also encourage affiliates to organize their own art events, and also to participate in activities organized by Kuala Lumpur such as exhibitions, competitions, and workshops.
  6. Art activities of affiliated branches: Affiliates can organize art activities in their own name, but they are advised to notify the Asia Artists Association Malaysia beforehand to ensure alignment with the overall goals and values of the association.
  7. Support from the headquarters: Asia Artists Association headquarters will provide support and assistance to affiliated branches’ art activities, including promotional resources. The headquarters may also send representatives to participate in branch-organized activities to facilitate exchanges and cooperation.
  8. Compliance with laws: Affiliates must strictly comply with national and international laws and regulations during art activities and refrain from engaging in any illegal or unethical behaviors in the name of the Asia Artists Association or its affiliates. Affiliates must ensure the legality and compliance of their activities, upholding the reputation of the Asian Artists Association.
  9. Appointment and withdrawal of a leader of affiliate: to take office as a leader of an affiliate of Asia Artists Association, one must be issued a letter of appointment by Asia Artists Association Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. In the event of any non-compliance by branch leaders with the provisions of this agreement, the headquarters reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw the appointment.
  10. The Kuala Lumpur Headquarters hopes to further strengthen and establish more communication, cooperation and collaborative efforts with affiliates to effectively promote the goals and ideals of Asia Artists Association.